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Roman blinds

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Roman blinds Doha 

A typical range of blinds is Roman blinds. These blinds are known for their ability to act simultaneously as blind and curtain.

We offer top-quality blinds roman, best suited for interior and wall paint and homes, offices, and commercial applications. We deliver personalized blinds according to your needs. We can match your furnishings for your blinds.

Roman Blinds Doha consists of material that is easily plated. When manufacturing Blinds, material choice is far too important. Lightweight faux silk is the best material for the production of these Blinds.

The easiest way to get a proper platter is with these materials. These blinds open flat, and unlike other blinds, are not empty.

Roman blinds installation guide

These blinds are a practical and stylish way of dressing the window. The Installation of these blinds is easy and in any room looks superb.

They improve the privacy and isolation of your home because they block light, sound, and heat. In our company, we try hard and provide installation instructions step by step to make it easy for you to walk through the entire process.

Tools and materials used to install roman blinds 

  • Earmuffs
  • Impact driver
  • Ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Power drill
  • Ruler
  • Safety glasses
  • Scissors
  • Trimming knife

Steps to install roman blinds 

Measure the window cavity

Install the brackets in the window cavity

Hang the blind in the cavity

Please do not hesitate if you have any concerns! Please come to us to solve your blinds installation problems. Doha Blinds are delighted to solve your problems with our workers, “how to mount window blinds?”